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Our founder John Pankiewicz is a true European craftsman. Born in Poland, John learned the renovation and building trade as a youngster from his mentors at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus and from his father, a custom home builder. While continuing his education in Italy at the University of Rome he found a new mentor, Architect Baiocci. Having mastered the theory and practical achievement in the building of custom homes, John was equipped with knowledge and confidence to take on any renovation project. He decided to immigrate to Canada, bringing with him his design passion, over 18 years ago.

As of July, 2010, we have adopted a new name - JP Reno Inc.

John’s creative passion is stronger than ever, he continues to have a thriving dedication to the company and our clients. Keeping in mind that every client is different in their needs, we do not duplicate or  replicate any of our designs. By executing the motto, “little details matter”, John brings to every project not only unlimited design possibilities but a strong focus to the structural part of their projects and superior quality in interior finishes.

Our professional team is equipped with skilled experience, unconditional problem solving in either restoration, renovation or building a new project. We are also proficient in fixing or modifying any home additions/renovations which were improperly built having caused major structural problems.  We are able to provide a wide range of local and international products, offering the client unlimited selection and inspiration. We see the importance in understanding the client’s expectations, from the project’s budget and time frame to the final execution of their vision.

This allows us to turn anyone’s renovation or restoration dream into reality, and creates a safe and sound future investment.
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